Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This conversation through me for a loop a little and feel the need to preserve it.

so he believes its important for a family to be unified under the last name

which I agree with

I asked whats wrong with being unified under the woman's last name or under the joining of both last names

he said that our society traces lineage through fathers last names

so I said then wouldn't the joining of both names be more efficient for that

and he said yes and so I asked his opinion on using both names

and he said makes him seem like less of a man

and I said he should be more secure in his masculinity and be more interested in a relationship being an equal partnership

and he said that he doesnt want a life partner, he wants a wife

so I asked whats the difference

and he said "a life partner is less connected. It's like gays who can't get married get a life partner instead."

I said that I dont understand how being equal members of a relationship makes a woman a life partner rather than a wife

and he just replied that he doesnt know, he hasnt given it enough thought

I asked him to give it the appropriate amount of thought some time, that I'd appreciate it.

He said okay, I thanked him, he said you're welcome.

If you happen to read this. Thoughts?