Friday, October 3, 2008

Live to Party or Party to Live?

Are you the type of person that lives in the moment like that Eve 6 song says, "Are you the now or never kind?"

I know a number of guys and gals that are. Or at least live in such away that would lead to that assumption.

I'm not the now or never kind, I'm the "If not now, maybe next time" kind. And I like it that way, maybe I'm an optimist and anticipate next times always existing. I sort of feel as though if next time doesn't exist, oh well, I probably didn't want it all that badly anyway.

(Are we all clear on what it means to be the "If not now, maybe next time" kind? What do you think that phrase implies?)

But hey, if I'm the "If not now, maybe next time" kind and I'm an optimist, is the now or never kind the opposite of me? If we're opposites and I'm an optimist.... them that would make them a pessimist? Or do they not even think enough to be a pessimist, they just think enough to say "yes" and act?

I knew one guy that claimed he had "no regrets"; he said that whatever decision he'd made, even if later he thought the other choice would have been better, he knew that at the time, he thought he was making the right, best choice, thus, no regrets. If this were ECON 2050, we'd "assume" that he was "rational".

But what if... you do make a mistake, you're beating yourself up about it... how long until you finally let yourself go, forgive yourself, if you will?

Or answer this, can you make mistakes and admit to those mistakes, but still have no regrets? Are you sure about that? ....really answer this one, I'm so interested.

Which has the best result?

A number of people claim that it's better to make decisions as though right now is all there is, that what's happening right now is what counts. What do you think?

As G/T kid, they tell you that you think way more than other kids. Thinking about my friends, the G/T kids that come to mind seem as though they'd be thoughtful when it came to decisions for the most part. So would that put them in the "If not now, maybe later" group? And if that is the case, are the brainy kids "If not now, maybe later" and the "less brainy" kids the now or never?

Talk to me people. I want input!

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Hardcore Wyoming said...

I'd say im the "If not now, maybe next time" person in the long run, even if at first I think all is ruined when something doesnt work, I eventually realize i'm an idiot.

Now or never doesn't neccesarily imply pessisism, just that you dont feel the need to dote on something, and you simply get over whatever it was that did or didn't happen.

That guys logic is logical I guess, but it could never work for me. Just because I always think the best choice should have been taken, no matter how logical the other seemed. Depending on the mistake, I never let it go, I still regret crap I did in middle and elementary school, I often overcomplicate things just so I can have regrets. But generally speaking, I almost always have regrets for everything bad I do.

Like I said before, I cant make mistakes with out regrets, they go hand and hand for me.

To some making the decision and being done with would be a good course of action, as life is worth living without constantly thinking about your past choices, but at the same time, others thrive on the past, and looking at the mistakes they made to try to make better choices, and to learn from the stupid shit they did.

I kinda think that your right about the basic lines between the two classes of intelligence, but it really differs from person to person, some people that arent so smart can still take time and consider each little thing, but its a lot less common then it is with Brainy kids. Brainy kids tend to be If not now maybe later, because they constantly think about crap, or we like to think we do. The not so brainy kids dont, partially because of the difference in brainpower, but also because they have just come to terms with what they are/what to expect from themselves, whereas brainy kids always seem to think more of themselves, and as such, constantly judge their actions