Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Only the Best?

Refusing to settle doesn't just mean not marrying a prick. It means refusing to let a pricks presence in your life weigh you down.

Dare to Sacrifice

One time I told Ross that I wouldn't allow fear to keep me from taking care of others. That I would be willing to take care of Kid Ciry kids even if it meant there was a possibility that I could get shot and that even if I did "get shot" I wouldn't let that stop me from returning.

He didn't support that and the reasoning he gave related to the idea that I have more to offer by not getting mortally wounded/endagering myself.

But here's the thing. By being with him I have sacrificed much of what made me such a capable person in the area of aiding others. Being with him has caused me to feel ashamed and inadequite. Being with him hasd damaged my abilities more that the prospect of physical danger ever could, I believe.

The "Wants" List

Genuinly loves and cares about people
isn't opposed to Christianity/would come to church regularly
truely respects my morals & beliefs/who I am
doesn't feel a need to change me but will accept me if I do
would mae a good father/husband
accepts my flaws & imperfections & loves me for them
is willing to put up with my crap
will let me argue
refuses to lay an angrily aggressive hand on me
doesn't abuse substances
lets me make my own decisions
looks at what is best for me not what he prefers
lets me make my own mistakes
forgives me when I do wrongly
Loves my appearance, even when I look crummy
good sense of humor
Loves & respects my love of people
respects my money and time and doesn't take themn for granted
accepts all my friends
doesn't put "weird" restrictions on my actions
Loves/is good with "my" kids
inspires me to be better
makes me stronger
Loves New Orleans
supports/balances me
doesn't make me feel preasured about things
into festivals/music/food
No/limited altimatums/hypotheticals
doesn't hold me back