Monday, October 1, 2007

Honesty... slash Lying

People always tell me how honest I am, that I "tell it like it is", I'm straight forward.
Its pretty true. I hardly know how to lie and when I do lie, it was with the intwntion of doing what I said.

The other day when I was thinking about people saying that about me, I wondered why telling the truth is such a big deal; I mean its weird to lie, why would anyone do that? But then I realized how naive that question is, everyone lies. People lie about homework, people lie to their bosses, people lie to their friends and family. People lie because they are greedy, or ashamed, or habitual. Some people just lie because they've gotten so use to doing it.

Causing a Change

I like myself pretty well. Sounds really conceited but its because of the way I talk/we talk. I love the way it seems to affect people. I like that its impossible not to notice it and I love when people say that they've started doing it, talking with their hands or talking in questions. It shows that you have some hand in peoples' lives, that sounds sick and twisted, but I don't mean for it to. It's just that everyone's goal in life is to "change the world" or "make a difference" and even though it isn't actually doing any good or improving anyone's quality of life, and even though it won't leave a lasting mark, to know that at some point, some how, you altered someone's reality, altered their sense of self, you can't help but be a little proud.
Boy, that sounds more concieted that I expected it to.
Its, impacting someone, is like some kind of reassurance. Like reassurance that you matter or something.

  • Who doesn't love when it drizzles but tha sun still shines? This morning I realized that part of the reaon that situation is so great is because its like the definition of Hope. Can you see that?